Open book with light and words exploding from pages

Tell Me A Story

Open book with pages turning into birds and flying away Old woman with a magical storybook telling stories to gathered children

While making my game, Boom Bits, I've always had a story running in the back of my mind. I knew the characters and why they existed and over the course of the production I developed their stories further. Now that production is drawing to a close, I felt that I needed to bookend the game with videos to further flesh out the story for the player.
At first I didn't think it necessary. Thinking that any prospective game would just want to get into the game and get on with playing as soon as possible. Butt what I have found from talking to other gamers is that a well thought out and presented story helped them get deeper into the game. This is, especially, true for but not limited to RPG’s. In fact, when I looked at my own gaming habits I found that I needed the same care and attention to detail to a story for the games I played as much as the gamers I queried. Looking back at games like Jack and Daxter, Street Fighter, Banjo Kazoie and a host of other games made me realize that, even if I wasn't aware of it, every game that I've enjoyed had a great story that unfolded in front of me and allowed me to enjoy the game that much more.

So even though adding these animations adds more to my workload, I would be doing myself and anyone who played my game Boom Bits a disservice by neglecting to fully flesh out the story.

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